How Do I Setup Voicemail at a New Phone?

When a teacher changes rooms, the Tech Office can reset the passcode on their "new" phone, so the teacher can get in to set up a voicemail mailbox.


This task can be a little daunting, especially if you have lost the instructions.

Instructions for users:

To set password, greeting, and recorded name, please do the following:

1. select voicemail on your phone (Vmsg button)

2. when prompted for your security code, please enter 0000

3. set your new security code as per the system prompts

4. please hang up the phone

5. please select voicemail on your phone, and log in with your new security code

6. please press 7 (setup options)

7. please press 4 (greetings)

8. please press 6 (edit standard greeting)

9 after your new greeting is saved, please hang up the phone

10. please select voicemail on your phone once more

11. please press 7 (setup options)

12. please press 7 (personal options)

13. please press 5 (recorded name)

14. please record your name and save

** If at any time the system asks you to confirm anything, press 1 to confirm and 2 to deny.



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