Photo manipulation, esp. for MASD Website

One may need to reduce a photo to make in fit more easily on a webpage, or to keep the full-size photo from public view.  This could be needed for the School Board members' picture page.

Option 1:

In Windows 10, use Paint 3D:

    1) Open, browse files open the picture to manipulate.

    2) Click on Canvas

    3) Use the mouse to grab the corner of the picture to reduce to the desired pixel size for the photo.


Option 2:

In the Gimp:


    1)  Open the picture

    2)  Under Image, choose Scale image... to reduce pixel size.

    3)  Also, if image is still stretched, use Image -> Canvas to change the width or height, and click Resize to effectively crop the picture.

    4)  File, Export as a jpeg and choose full quality.


Option 3:

Photoshop should work similarly.



May also need to use the html tag:


<img src="img/pictureName.jpg" align=left width=190 height=230 alt="Picture name" />


to get things to line up correctly on the web page.


JPB - 2/1/2021

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