Adding Focus-synced Classes to GoGuardian Automatically with ClassLink

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Our school's Student Information System (Focus) and GoGuardian classroom rosters are integrated with ClassLink.  This this ClassLink integration, teachers will see Pending Classrooms in the left-side of the dashboard (screenshot below). These Pending Classrooms will be automatically imported into the accounts of the owner of each classroom.


Teachers can click the "View details" button to view the rosters, and then Accept or Decline the classroom.

If "Decline" is selected, the classroom will be viewable in the "Archived" tab and may be restored at any time.

If "Accept" is selected, the classroom will be added to the "Active" classrooms and any fellow Teachers within that classroom will be able to see it in their account as well.

Note: The Primary Teacher in Classlink will become an “Owner” of the classroom and all other associated Teachers will have “Teacher" permissions. In case there is more than one primary teachers, multiple “Owners” will be assigned. The primary teacher must accept the classroom first before it will be visible to co-teachers. To learn more about GoGuardian Teacher permissions, click here.

Modifying Students/Teachers in a Classroom

All rostering information and Teacher information will be synced from Focus rather than modified by the teacher. Contact tech support or your administrator to make the necessary changes. 

Alternatively, classrooms can also be created manually in GoGuardian for increased flexibility in order to make more immediate changes. 

Note: During an active session, students may be excluded at any time. 

Note: The maximum enrollment for each classroom is 115. 


Classroom Titles

Classroom titles are also synced from Focus, but teachers can edit the "Description" of the class in the "Settings" tab to indicate the period or hour of the class. Here's how:

1. Click the "Settings" tab in the lower right-hand corner of the classroom title.


2. Add a description.


TIP: You can also change the color of each classroom tile under "Classroom Tile Color."

3. Click Update Classroom.


4. The classroom tile now shows the period number in the dashboard.


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