What to try if your Chromebook doesn’t turn on

Check the charge light

On the right side, next to the USB C charging port, your Chromebook has a charging indicator light. When in doubt, connect your Chromebook to a charger and allow it to charge.


 No charge light

If your Chromebooks charge light doesn`t light up, try these steps:

  • Try plugging the charger on the other side of the Chromebook. Only the right side of the Chromebook has a charging light but the USB C port on both sides of the Chromebook will charge it.
  • Try plugging the charger into another outlet
  • If available, try charging with another charger. If the other charger works, then the charger is bad and a new one can be requested.


A red charge light

If the light is red the Chromebook is not fully charged. Try waiting for the Chromebook to charge for 5-10 minutes before trying to turn the Chromebook on. If the Chromebooks battery died it won`t turn on immediately after plugging it in so it’s important to give it time to charge.


A white charge light

Once the charge light turns white it means the Chromebook is fully charged. Try to turn on the Chromebook. If the Chromebook still doesn`t turn on request a new Chromebook. When requesting a new Chromebook please give any additional information. For example, if the screen lights, up but doesn`t display anything add that to the ticket.



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