Google on Android Devices

Many people have been asking about accessing Google Classroom and Google Drive from Android devices.  Below are the steps necessary to gain access. 



Teachers and students with Android devices need to create a separate work account on the device to gain access to their school Google Drive as well as Google Classroom. 


Easiest way to do this is to go to using the Chrome browser on the Android device.  From there you must choose which account to use.  You will need to add an account at this point.  Create a work account using your credentials, then follow the subsequent prompts. It could take 5-10 minutes for the account to be created. 


When the work account is created, go back to and choose the new work account. After adding the work account, you’ll see a separate instance of the ‘Play Store’ on your phone. From here, you can download and install your work/school accounts, such as Google Drive and Google Classroom. You’ll see that all the applications associated with your work profile will have a small ‘briefcase’ in the lower right-hand corner. These must be used in order to access school data/applications. 


-Chris Casey

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