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The My Classes feature in ClassLink provides access for instructors and students to a dashboard listing of all of their classes. It is accessed from the backpack icon on the Favorites Bar. The dashboard view for instructors includes additional features than the view for students, where instructors can assign applications to students, view student usage analytics, post announcements, or initiate discussion threads.

My Classes - Instructor Dashboard

The instructor's view of My Classes allows instructors to easily manage their classes and customize their class application selection.

1. The My Classes access is available in the Favorites Bar of the My Apps screen as an icon of a backpack.


2. Clicking on the app shows a Dashboard with a list of all classes in which the instructor is enrolled and provides a student and app count.


3. The sections of the instructor Dashboard (if all options are enabled by ClassLink Administrators) include AnnouncementsAppsDiscussion BoardsStudentsLogins, and Activity.

Clicking on the Apps section provides a more detailed view to see all the apps assigned to that class.


4. Clicking on the Add New App icon (+) will bring out any assigned custom App Libraries which will allow instructors to select applications to add to the class.


Alternatively, you can click the ellipses (...) button to bring up a dropdown that will let you assign an app to multiple classes at once. Click the checkbox next to the classes to which you wish to add the app then click the Confirm Selection button to add the app.


Note: The App Libraries accessible from the instructor Dashboard of My Classes are loaded with apps pre-selected by ClassLink Administrators.

5. Apps can be launched by clicking on them or removed by hovering over them to then click Remove.


6. Clicking on the Students section will show a list of all students enrolled in the class with an Analytics icon on the right.


7. Clicking on the Analytics icon displays individual login and application data for each individual user.

9.png 10.png

8. Clicking on Logins will display information on which students have logged into LaunchPad. A checkmark will appear if the student has logged in and the top of the column will show a percentage and ratio of the entire logged-in class. It is also possible to export a CSV of the data in this table. To export a report, click the Export Week button. This will create a CSV of the login report for the selected week.


9. Clicking on Activity will show a heatmap of each student's total time spent using apps.


This data can be exported as well, again by clicking the Export Week button in the top right.


10. By clicking into a specific day for a student's app usage on the heatmap, you can view more details of the student's app activity for that day.


Note: Activity refers to the time that students spend in the active tab open for an application and the total time spent populates after the application tab has been closed. This data is calculated with the updated ClassLink Extension.

11. Login information for all classes can be viewed in the Login Summary tab from the menu at the top of the screen. The information on this screen is presented as a heatmap; the darker the square for a particular day, the higher the percentage of students in that class having logged in.


12. Instructors can provide an alternate name to classes. To give a class a nickname, click the name of the class and a text box will be presented to edit. To reset the name back to the default class name, clear the text box and press enter.


13. Clicking on the Edit icon will allow instructors to change the icon and color for the class.


Class Announcements

Instructors can add announcements to classes from the instructor Dashboard.

1. To add an announcement, click the icon in the top right of the Dashboard.


2. This will bring up the list of announcements. To create a new announcement, click the Create Announcement button. To view expired announcements, click the View Expired toggle.


3. When creating an announcement, first choose classes that should receive the announcement by selecting them from the dropdown that appears after clicking Select Classes. Next, choose a start and end date for the announcement and then set the title and content. The content has a 1000 character limit.


4. In the student view, students will see announcements for a specific class by clicking on that class in the Dashboard, which will lead to the Announcements section for that class.


5. Students can also see all of their announcements by clicking the icon in the top right.


Discussion Boards

Instructors can initiate discussions within a class from the instructor's Dashboard. This is explained in more detail in the My Classes Discussion Boards support page.

My Classes - Student Dashboard

The student Dashboard allows students to see all of their classes, any Announcements or Discussion Boards and allows them to launch apps assigned to those classes.

1. In some cases and through the mobile app, My Classes will be available on the student's My Apps screen.


Otherwise, it may be available in the Favorites Bar of the My Apps screen.


2. The app will open up to the Dashboard which shows the student's classes and displays icons of the applications specifically assigned to each class.


3. The Dashboard of the student view of My Classes only provides the Announcements section, the Discussion Boards section, and the Apps section.


4. In the Apps section, clicking on a class will bring up a more detailed view of all available apps for that class. Students can click on an app to launch it. They are not able to add or delete apps.


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