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My Apps is the first view after logging into ClassLink LaunchPad. This gives you instant access to the resources that have been provided for you by your organization. In order to customize your My Apps screen, you can add your own apps by visiting the App Library, add your own weblinks as apps, and you can also create folders.




  What are SSO apps?

ClassLink has the ability to link you seamlessly to your various web accounts from within ClassLink. This feature is called Single Sign-On (SSO) which means you will not have to enter your username and password every time you enter that website - your username and password for applications are saved. Apps that have single sign-on capabilities can be found in the App Library. They are differentiated by SSO banners with a key in the top right corner.
When clicking on an application, in some cases, the username and password are embedded - you will click on the application and it will log you right in.  In other cases, a Password Locker will prompt you to enter your username and password and then click Save, just one time.  ClassLink will then store that username and password combination for you and you will not have to enter it again.

Tool Bar

App Libray:  Click the + icon to access the App Library to add additional applications to your My Apps screen.
Edit Mode: Click the Edit icon to create folders, change the theme, app size, font style, or wallpaper.
Search: This allows you to search through your apps to find a specific app. You do not need to click the search bar to start searching, just begin typing the name of the app and it will automatically search your apps.  You also have the ability to filter your search by creating and categorizing apps with Tags.

Edit Mode

Edit Mode is located on the top left of the bar. 

NoteEdit Mode options are not available in the Primary theme.
Edit Mode allows you to change ThemesFont StylesPaletteWallpaper (if allowed), in addition to the app size. New folders can also be made from this menu.


There are three themes to select from either Edit Mode or under My Profile -> Themes
Default theme is Classic.
Primary is a simplified look geared towards younger users.
Professional is a theme for those who wish for a sleeker, more minimalist appearance.  

High Contrast Mode

High Contrast Mode is a feature to make readability easier for the visually impaired.
High Contrast mode can be turned on from the Accessibility Widget or from My Profile -> Themes.


There bar at the bottom of the page with shortcuts to common sections of My Apps like AnalyticsManagement ConsoleRoster ServerMy FilesMy AnalyticsNotes and My Classes

Right-Click Options 

When you right-click on an application, you have access to a variety of customizations.


Note:  Remember that you can only delete apps that you've added. Apps that have been assigned to you must be removed by a ClassLink Administrator.                           


ClassLink My Apps includes a Favorites Bar where you can place all of your most-used apps. Simply right-click on an app and click "Add to Favorites."
Favorited apps will have a star added to them and will appear on the bar at the bottom of the page, to the right of the shortcuts. 
Together, the bar containing the shortcuts and favorites is called the Favorites Bar.


Apps can include tags to categorize for filtering and sorting. To add a tag, either right-click an app and select Add Tag from the App Tags menu or click the Tag icon in the Search Bar in the top right side of the page and click Add Tag.  To tag an app, right-click the app you wish to tag and then select a tag from the App Tags section. Filtering by tags is done by clicking the Tag icon in the Search Bar, then selecting a tag to filter by.   

Tags can also be deleted in the same manner by choosing the Edit icon that appears when hovering over the tag name.


Updating or Adding a Password Locker

To update or change your password, right-click the app from the My Apps screen and click Edit Password.
Click the Edit icon to update your username or password.  Click the red X to delete an existing Password Locker.
To add an additional account with a different username and password, right-click on the app, click Update Password, then click Add Locker to enter a locker name and the new account's username and password and click Save.
Thereafter when clicking on the application, a window will appear to choose from the first account, labeled as Default, or from any other added accounts.  Previously logged-in accounts will be chosen unless logging out first.

App Library

To browse and search our Single Sign-On applications, navigate to our App Library (use the + in the top left corner).  Search and click Add, to add an application to your My Apps screen.

Add Your Own App

  1. Go the the App Library (+).
  2. Click Add App (if this feature is available to you).
  1. Enter the app's URL.
  2. Provide the name of the app.
  3. Choose an icon.
  4. Save.
Note: If you search for an application that you log into and can not find it in the App Library, you can click choose Request a Single Sign-On for this Application. You can also request a new icon for the app. 

ClassLink Extension

Most SSO apps require a browser extension to be installed. When users click an SSO app that requires the extension, if it has not already been installed, then a prompt will appear to install the extension. Below and linked are examples.
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