Google Classroom Parent Communication

I’ve been doing some digging and I think I found a good work flow for sending pics and videos to parents via google classroom…and you can do it all from your phone!!!  Focus currently does not allow you to send videos or pictures directly to individual parents so this our best bet for now.


Step 1:  Get Google Classroom App on your phone


Step 2: Create a Google Classroom and add students to your classroom - if you have kids in the district you can add your own kid for now just to play around with– you can also add a colleague as a student to practice


Step 3: Once you have students in your class you have the option to add guardians to that student via email (it does NOT need to be a gmail address – for practice purposes you can add your personal email address (not to see how the work flow goes)


Step 4: Parents will have to accept the email invitation that was sent to their personal email account.  When they accept the email you not only get access to email them, but they will also get a weekly update of their kids progress in Google Classroom (this may not apply to you guys, but for grade levels that are using the Google Classroom gradebook this will be important)


Step 5: Once parents have accepted you can open your Google Classroom App, Go to your Class, Click on “people”, find the student, click the 3 dots, choose email guardian, and you can upload a picture or video to the email.


If you want to practice I can add you all as students to a google classroom, you can send me your personal email, and I can send you a picture or video so you can see what parents see.  Then I can add you as teachers and you can try it.


Hope this helps a little.  We can continue to discuss and play.


Christine Casey

Technology Coach

Montrose Area School District

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